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Cashflow Savannah Podcast

Cashflow Savannah is a podcast where we talk about real estate in Savannah. What’s new in the market and how to deal real estate. We invite different people to talk about investing.
Cashflow Savannah Podcast
Leverage Your Unique Personality For Real Estate Success with Julie Gates

Leverage Your Unique Personality For Real Estate Success with Julie Gates

We’re chatting with Julie Gates in today’s episode regarding one of real estate’s most lucrative assets – short-term rentals. As an advocate of individual uniqueness, hear her advice on how to persevere in real estate and how to leverage your personality, and to turn opportunities into cash flow. Get to know more valuable information by tuning in!

Set Your Listing Apart with Julie Gates

This week Avery sits down again with property manager Julie Gates. Julie has one important PSA for us all: Photos and decor matter! Avery and Julie talk about some exciting updates coming to, Expedia/VRBO, and how to use photos and decor to set yourself up for success.
STS Julie Gates

The Power of Long Short with Julie Gates

Julie Gates is a real estate investor who specializes in pet-friendly “Long Short” rentals in Savannah, Georgia. She operates dozens of rentals that are unique in that they operate to niche markets in all aspects from how they are initially furnished to how they are marketed to the general population. In addition, unlike many short-term rentals, Julie is able to maximize gain by allowing people to bring their pets and charging a pet fee. Operating most of her homes for longer stays, Julie is able to appeal to specialized groups of individuals from people traveling to Atlanta for a month-long film shoot to digital nomads looking for adventure.

Listen to Julie talk about everything about her Long Short Rental journey available in Apple Podcasts.

The Long Short: Renting Short & Long Term | with Julie Gates

Should you be focused on short-term or long-term rentals?

Julie Gates is a real estate investor, and while she enjoys the complex world of short-term rentals, she specializes in stays of 30 days or more. She’s been in the long-term rental industry for a while now, renting out a guest home on her property, but making Airbnb a part of her business allowed her to grow tremendously — to over 30 properties owned and managed.

She goes over all of the considerations when booking for longer term rentals, as well as where she finds her guests, booking for businesses, and more.

Learn to profit in the shared economy | Live Free Webinar

Julie Gates will be presenting about the tons of opportunities currently available in the shared economy. Real estate investors can no longer make the excuse of not having enough for a down payment on a rental property.

InvestHER Webinar Featuring Mandy McAllister| Live Free Webinar

Small Multis + Short Term Rental Strategy = Motel Acquisition with Mandy McAllister and special guest Julie Gates

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30 Day Stay
30-Day Stay

All the benefits of investing in Airbnbs without the hassle of turnover or the risk of changing city regulations!

Josh Starts a Squirrel Rescue by Saving Sid

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