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The Power of the Long Short with Julie Gates
Key Topics
  • How to operate rentals in Georgia
  • How Julia got started in the industry
  • Benefit of having many different sized rentals
  • How to decorate and market towards your vision
  • Gains of doing your own marketing
  • How to get into longer term rentals
  • Specifics of charging a pet fee
  • Benefits of suburban STR
  • Benefits of specializing
  • Importance of staying technologically relevant

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Julie Gates will be presenting about the tons of opportunities currently available in the shared economy. Real estate investors can no longer make the excuse of not having enough for a down payment on a rental property.

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The Long Short: Renting Short & Long Term | with Julie Gates

Add a description of this item. Should you be focused on short-term or long-term rentals?

Julie Gates is a real estate investor, and while she enjoys the complex world of short-term rentals, she specializes in stays of 30 days or more. She’s been in the long-term rental industry for a while now, renting out a guest home on her property, but making Airbnb a part of her business allowed her to grow tremendously — to over 30 properties owned and managed.

She goes over all of the considerations when

Josh Starts a Squirrel Rescue by Saving Sid

Josh speaks at a local church about how saving one injured squirreled him to hold many more.

Sid Was Here

Successful long-short rentals in Savannah, GA

Julie's first podcast interview. (click on the image for the link)

Julie tells the story of the beginning of Sid Was Here, and the challenges faced while creating Starfish House.

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Sid Was Here
Sid Was Here Owner Receives Certification in Revenue Management

Julie Gates, owner of the Savannah-area-based, short-term rental management and marketing company, Sid Was Here, completed a Certification in Revenue Management from the prestigious Cornell University School of Hotel Administration August 8.

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Sid Was Here
Sid Was Here Announces New Partnership with SkillBridge

Sid Was Here, LLC began a partnership with SkillBridge September 21, welcoming their first service member to the leadership team for a 12-week stint.

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Savannah Magazine
Featured in Women in Business Issue May/June 2021