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Why your Short Term Rental needs a Hidden Lockbox

Whether you use keys or an electronic system to let guests into your unit, you need to plan for an emergency. Disaster seems unlikely when things are shiny and new. However, expecting the unexpected will make a big difference. Emergencies are always stressful, but having a hidden key somewhere on the property is always a great idea.

If you haven’t had something important in your life interrupted by a guest or service provider being locked out, you haven’t been hosting long enough. It’s not a question of IF this will happen, it’s WHEN. As a property manager, I won’t manage a home without a backup plan. This is a stressful, 24/7 business and if you have to run across town for every lockout, you won’t make it very long.


One of the biggest uses I’ve had for the hidden lockbox has been the cleaning company. If you use a lockbox for your guests (keyed entry), many times the guest will forget to put the keys back, which means that the cleaning lady can’t get in. I’ve also had many cleaning ladies who swear the keyless lock doesn’t work. There is no joy like telling them not to worry, I have a key hidden. I give them the code, make them promise to put it back, and keep my day moving. This key is also great for service providers because often I need to get a person into the unit when the guest isn’t present. There are hundreds of reasons why a hidden lockbox is incredibly helpful to you and your team.

One thing to be aware of is that keyless entry locks always come with a physical key. The worst thing you can do is throw this key away. Trust me, you will need it. For $12-15 you can purchase a lockbox on Amazon. Take a few wood screws, attach it to a tree or fence and make the last 4 digits of someone’s phone number. It’s super important for you to write this information down. If the batteries die in the lock, you will go from a 5 alarm fire to a minor inconvenience for you and also your staff.

This simple piece of equipment will save you tons of time and frustration.

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