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The Debate Over Leaving Condiments in Your Airbnb: Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between


When it comes to stocking an Airbnb with condiments, the debate between good and bad is often a heated one. On one hand, leaving condiments in an Airbnb for guests can be a great way to ensure their stay is an enjoyable and homey one, complete with all the necessary kitchen essentials and the occasional treat. On the other hand, there are several considerations to take into account when leaving condiments in an Airbnb that can make the experience anything but positive for both Airbnb hosts and guests alike.

The Pros

cooking with condiments

When it comes to the pros of leaving condiments in an Airbnb, convenience is likely the biggest benefit. Condiments can provide a much-needed means for cooking and making meals for guests, who may not want (or may not be able) to buy multiple bottles of sauce or seasoning on a short stay. From the host’s perspective, the process of leaving condiments in the house can be incredibly easy and cost-effective, as it eliminates the need to keep track of each item or have an extensive inventory.

For hosts that provide weekly or monthly-long stays, condiments can be a great tool to remind guests of the home’s comforts and potential to make their time in the house even more enjoyable. From small bottles of honey or jam to larger-sized packages of pancake mix or oils and vinegars, a bag full of kitchen staples can make all the difference in making guests feel like home.

The Cons

condiments spilled

Assuming you don’t want to leave full containers of condiments, refilling the containers can become an expensive and time consuming task. Even if you are able to find an affordable source in bulk, you will need to buy the condiments regularly to make sure the guests have a full supply.

Kitchen hygiene can also be a concern if condiments are left for guests. When guests finish with the condiments, they might not clean the containers properly, leaving behind residue that can be easily contaminated by any food being cooked in the AirBNB kitchen. This can also lead to moisture damage of the containers and may require extra maintenance.

Additionally, leaving condiments in the AirBNB could lead to a higher risk of theft or damage. Refilling and maintaining the supply of condiments could also mean that you are engaging in a business activity, which may result in additional taxes or licensing requirements.

Overall, leaving condiments in your AirBNB for guests can be a nice way to add a cozy and convenient touch to your rental property, but it is important to consider the potential cons before taking this step.