Sid Was Here

Sid’s Shopping List for your Short Term Rental

Sid Was Here

Setting up an entire house all at once is not an easy job. Read below for Sid’s Shopping List must-haves and don’t forgets.


2 sets of silverware and dishes for the number of guests the home will sleep

  • Dishes: Sid buys hers at Dollar Tree. White. Easy to buy, easy to replace if one gets broken. If you buy a matching set, you’ll regret it later when one or two break and now you have unmatched dishes. Buy everything as if you’ll need to replace something in a few months. This includes sheets. The Amazon Basics dishes are great, too. They are easy to match if one gets broken.
  • Wine glasses (1.5 for each guest) Stemless are great since the stem is usually what breaks. You can also use standard wine glasses. Sid also gets these from the Dollar Tree, but Amazon has great options as well.
  • Large kitchen trash can. Highly recommend getting a basic one. Fancy cans break – expect lots of use and buy simple containers that will last. I typically purchase either a swing top or no top at all. Guests don’t care about this, so don’t spend a ton of money on it. I prefer black over silver because it never looks dirty

Appliances: I typically purchase black or transition to black. White ages quickly and stainless shows streaks and dirt.

Basic cleaning supplies such as Windex and all purpose cleaner. – purchase at Dollar Tree

  • Box of LED lightbulbs All lamps should have an LED bulb. Have some extras under the kitchen sink in case one goes out. LED bulbs last years and cost very little to use
  • 8 x 10 frame to display welcome letter and house info for guests. This frame keeps the information from getting thrown away or dirty. Set it on the kitchen counter or hang it on the wall prominently in the kitchen.
  • Hand soap for every sink in the house. We recommend basic hand soap that can be easily replaced. Fancy, refillable ones break and then the guest has no soap. Never a bad idea to have an extra hand soap under each sink or in the supply closet.
  • Paper Towels – One in the towel holder, one under the sink as a spare.


Living Room/Dining Room

We highly recommend that you purchase new furniture. Used furniture looks and feels used. Beware that upgrading furniture once you have a full calendar is very difficult. It’s better to buy it right the first time so that it will last 7-10 years instead of 1-2.

  • Table seating for number of guests the house sleeps. If you have bar seating, this is fine.
  • Smart TV (we like Roku since guests can add apps and no credit card is on file). We like a 43″ Roku TV or larger in the living room and a 32″ Roku TV in the master bedroom. Any other TV’s are a bonus
  • Glass top tables age well and are hard to scratch and resist glass rings



  • Two sets of sheets for each bed. Extra set of sheets in coordinating closet
  • Dresser for each bedroom
  • pillows for each guest per bed. A queen bed would have 4 pillows, a twin would have 2. 

No decorative pillow cases. If patterned sheets are used, buy white pillow cases for the extra pillows. These can easily be cleaned between guests

We LOVE these blackout curtains. They are great for sleeping and also help with the electric bill

  • Bedside plugs for phones. These are awesome so that guests can plug in their phones. Little touches like this will make a big difference for your guests.


  • Two towels for each guest the house sleeps

Required: 2 extra shower curtain liners under bathroom sink in each bathroom. These are cheap and a must for turnovers every few months.

**Very important** Don’t buy matching sets of towels with unique designs. You will be replacing one or two towels a year. I really prefer Amazon Basics towels because it’s so easy to get more anytime.



We prefer manual lockboxes. One near the door, one is hidden on the property with extra keys inside. This is owner’s preference. If you choose to go keyless, have a plan for regular battery replacement. Definitely hide a manual lockbox with a key to the keyless entry for easy guest/cleaner access if necessary.

  • Outdoor seating is always a plus
  • Dusk to dawn light bulbs are great. If guests leave the exterior lights on, they turn off during the day by themselves.
  • Solar LED Motion Sensor Lights are great when placed around the home for safety. These are very affordable and help female guests to feel safe when entering or exiting the home at night.


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