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How to Attract Remote Workers to your Short Term Rental

Sid Was Here

Long before Covid 19, the Internet Age created an opportunity for many workers to become Digital Nomands. These tech savvy professionals were able to work their full time job from any location in the world, as long as they had internet access.

Post Covid 19, a large portion of the world population can fill all or part of their responsibilities from anywhere. This has created quite the demand in the short term rental industry, where entire houses with great internet are tempting these wandering professionals.

Digital Nomads do need more than just internet to complete their jobs. See our list in no particular order for these requirements for an amazing work environment.

1) Desk – the kitchen table won’t do. This may be great for short stints, but no one wants their equipment to be infused with last night’s dinner.

2) Desk Chair – have you ever noticed that no one sits in a kitchen chair for 6-8 hours at a time? There is a reason for that. Digital Nomads come in all shapes and sizes. They need to adjust the height of their chair up and down depending on their height. Arm rests are crucial for tired shoulders. It’s also nice to lean back to think or make a call. A kitchen stool does NOT pass as a desk chair. It never will.

3) Extra Monitor – For around $100, this little gem will attract Digital Nomads to your listing by the droves. For professionals used to using two to three screens at a time, a small laptop screen is quite a downgrade. Consider providing this little known amenity and watch the five star reviews fly in.

4) Standing Desk – This will definitely make your home stand out among the rest. Working professionals love to ease their backs and shoulders by standing. Standing desks come in all different price ranges, and take up very little space.

5) Fantastic, Reliable Internet – Invest in the best internet you can provide and put it in your title. Traveling professionals need fast, reliable internet for their job security. Whenever possible, post speed tests from different times of day so that they can be assured that their work will not suffer. This small investment will pay for itself over and over and over and over and over. Did we say no particular order? This should be at the top of your list.