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Good view with your meal? Here are six great River Street restaurants

River Street restaurants

Enocha Edenfield
For Savannah Morning News

Everyone in Savannah has their own complex opinions about restaurants. This list will undoubtedly have some of you disagree about which restaurants were included, and that’s okay. While there are plenty of fantastic places to eat on River Street, they don’t all have a fantastic view of the Savannah River. For this list, we looked exclusively at restaurants, not bars, with a good view. Here they are in no particular order.

Joe’s Crab Shack

504 E. River St.; JoesCrabShack.com

I know. It’s a chain restaurant, but if you’re looking for a meal the whole family can enjoy while also enjoying a great view of the river, this is it. It isn’t just fried seafood either. Joe’s also offers nonseafood meals, glutenfree options, and steamed seafood. There’s also the added benefit that it’s right on the river preventing tourists from walking by you while you’re trying to eat.

Joe's Crab Shack
Fiddler’s Crab House

Fiddler’s Crab House

131 W. River St.; FiddlersRiverStreet.com

Fiddler’s offers a patio and a balcony, giving you a street view and an elevated view of the river. Regarding food offerings, they have every combination of seafood you can think of: fried, grilled, broiled, raw, or steamed.

Don’t worry. The raw definitely refers to raw oysters. Your server will not slap a raw salmon on your table and tell you to eat like a grizzly bear.

Dockside Seafood

201 W. River St.; DocksideSeafoodSAV.com

Dine in one of the oldest buildings in Savannah while also gazing out at the river. Whether you choose to eat on the patio or inside, it’s easy to feel like you’ve fallen back in time. The one thing that isn’t old-fashioned is the menu. Whether you want seafood or something else, there’s plenty of variety.

Joe's Crab Shack
Chart House

Chart House

202 W. Bay St.; Chart-House.com

Just upstairs from Dockside is Chart House. This restaurant has a slightly elevated view of the river from its deck. Chart House also offers a selection of different meals with a good selection of surf and turf offerings.

Tubby’s Seafood

115 E. River St.; TubbysSeafood.com

If you’re looking for straightforward good seafood, Tubby’s is the place to go. Tubby’s is always a solid restaurant choice. It also helps that you can sit above River Street and watch the ships go by while enjoying that food.

Huey’s on the River

Huey’s on the River

115 East River Street; Hueysontheriver.net

Just downstairs from Tubby’s is Huey’s on the River; the best place to get beignets in Savannah. Enjoy anything from their Louisiana-themed menu while looking out the windows. For a second, you can pretend you’re in New Orleans.

Honorable mention

District Seafood and District Smokehouse

400 West River Street; PlantRiverside.com

While they are both set up like bars, they are technically restaurants. Both District Seafood and District also offer great views of the Savannah River.

Honorable mention District Seafood and District Smokehouse