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Go Exploring on Savannah Bike Trails

A group riding around Savannah bike trails.If you’re looking for a vacation destination where the past and present collide, look no further than Savannah. This Georgia town brings together period architecture, Southern charm, quaint local businesses, and more. Be close to some of the top attractions and adventures by making a Sid Was Here vacation rental your home base. During your stay with us, a fantastic way to discover the sights of Savannah is on bike trails.

The Top Places to Go Bike Riding

Savannah is known for being bike friendly, making this two-wheel mode of transportation an excellent option for those looking to explore. From park trails to routes that’ll take you around town, there are plenty of places to go for a ride.

If you choose not to or can’t bring your own bike with you, there are plenty of rental shops that can outfit you with all you need. Savannah on Wheels and Trek Bikes are both phenomenal options for those needing to rent bikes.

Once you have your rental, it’s time to set off on a memorable adventure through Savannah. With so many different places to go biking, you can find something that fits your group perfectly.

  1. Wander the West to East corridor. This trail winds its way from 52nd Street to Ward Street to LaRoche Avenue before arriving at the entrance of Savannah State University.
  2. There’s a 6-mile trail between Bull River and Fort Pulaski along U.S. Highway 80 East known as McQueen’s Island Trail.
  3. Another great option is the North to South Corridor, which starts at Habersham Street and makes its way to Science Drive.

While there are designated bike paths, you have just as much fun riding around with no direction. Before heading out, look to see where bike racks are located throughout town to help you better plan stops. We also recommend riding around the stunning local parks or reserving your spot on a guided bike tour.

Reserve Your Savannah Home Base

No matter where your Savannah adventures take you, from riding around on bike trails to braving ghost tours, rest easy knowing you have a cozy place to call home. At Sid Was Here, we work to bring guests the best vacation rentals around. 

We understand how important it is to feel at home while vacationing, which is why our inventory of Savannah rentals includes properties in all shapes and sizes. Not only does this allow us to host groups large and small, but you can find your dream rental that checks all your boxes. Call 912-574-4473 to learn more about our Savannah vacation rentals and reserving your stay with us.