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  1. The guest chooses a house
  1. Get the names of all adults, all email addresses, pet info, and exact dates of stay. Email addresses are needed for Hemlane invitations and RocketLawyer e-signatures. 
  1. Send the guest the link to apply (unless they are a travel nurse and they send their contract). If the guest is a travel nurse and we already received the contract, we send a Hemlane invitation then go to step 6.
  1. Review their application in Hemlane and submit a screening report only IF the guest appears to qualify financially. The applicant has to attach pay stubs and bank statements to the application. Check for 3x rent in income per month. 
  1. Review screening report and check for a 650 credit score or higher. 6. 

If Julie/Bella approves the guest, write the lease and send it for e signature. Login to Rocketlawyer to write the lease. We have a lease template for each house/unit in Rocketlawyer. All the lease templates are under “Dashboard”. Make sure you use the lease template that corresponds to that unit. If it is a new house then you need to make a copy of one of the leases that we have in Rocketlawyer to create the new template for the new property. 


E-signatures for the lease:

Use Rocketlawyer to request e-signatures from the guest(s) and Julie. Make all signatures, dates, and initials fields.

Tenant needs to initial these sections on the lease: Deposit, Pets (only if tenant is bringing pet(s), Other Fees, Late Fees, sections “c” & “d” on the Residential Lease Disclosure page and Julie needs to initial section “e” on that page.  Each lease requires two signatures and dates per adult guest and also two from Julie


  1. Accept guest in Hemlane and send a payment request for the $500 initial deposit to hold the home. Make sure that you write on the memo section “non-refundable deposit to block the calendar”
  1. Once lease is received and deposit is in transit, put guest info into YourPorter as a new reservation. 
  1. Send Rent request in Hemlane. First month’s rent = Rent + One time cleaning fee + insurance policy + pet fee – $500 deposit (due 3 business days before they move in). 


  1. Set up the remaining rent payments for the rest of their stay (e.g. $2,200/month recurring every month 30 days after the move in date).  For example, if a tenant/guest is moving in on Dec. 9, the first month’s rent is due on Dec. 6 and the following payment will be due on the 8th of each month starting January 8.