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Are Cockroaches Good or Bad? Debunking the Mythology of Savannah Roaches


Once upon a time in the Savannah biome a great battle was waged between the cockroaches and the humans. The cockroaches were determined to keep their homes safe and the humans were determined to get rid of them. Fortunately, the cockroaches were victorious and were allowed to remain in Savannah.

Little did the humans know that the cockroaches were actually a good thing for Savannah. Cockroaches play an important role in Savannah’s foodchain as they act as decomposers. They feed on dead leaves, plants, and other materials, converting them into nutrient-rich material that is then released into the soil. This helps enrich the soil so that other plants and animals can benefit from it.

cockroaches help the environment
cockroaches help the environment

Moreover, the cockroaches also prey on small invertebrates, like spiders and beetles, which helps keep those insect populations in check. This helps the other animals in the Savannah stay competitive and prevents overcrowding.

Lastly, cockroaches also provide food for larger animals like birds and snakes. This helps keep the local food chain balanced and healthy.

So, the next time you see a cockroach in your backyard (or short term rental), it is important to remember that it is actually a good thing for Savannah. These pests may be annoying but they are actually doing us a great service.